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The dont's of customer experience.


As a bookie, how often do you put yourself in the shoes of your players and experience first-hand what it is like to be better trying to use a betting site?

The answer is: never, because we are too busy managing our business that we do not have the time to think about the most important person in the whole processes, the player.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the player is important to really understand how your betting site can meet and exceed the gaming needs of the clients since nowadays customers are much more demanding and expect to receive exceptional customer service.
To help bookies to understand their customers a little better and offer them a memorable experience when they use their betting site, we present the don’ts of customer experience: 

Do not assume the client's intentions.

To be able to deliver a first class customer experience, you must know and understand in depth the client's intentions. For example, we cannot assume that a customer is interested in horse racing because he has visited our racebook 3 times this week but has not made any bets. It may be that the button that leads to the racebook is right next to the casino button and the real intention of the client was to enter the casino, but due to a design error, the 2 buttons are not well distinguishable. That's why before sending an invitation to that player to make bets on horse races we should take the time to understand the true intentions of the client.

Do not be guided by your personal taste

A very common mistake when designing a customer experience is to take decisions based on our personal tastes. We may like the menu of our betting site in green on an orange background, but that doesn't mean that your players will like it. When designing anything for your betting business, always ask yourself: will my clients like this? or my clients will use this ?. If you can get the opinion of a real customer before taking the decision, it will be much better.

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