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Tennis Betting Options You Should Feature on Your Betting Site.


The popularity of tennis is on the rise, for the 2017 Australian open finals ESPN got a 0.9 rating at 3 a.m., the network said that this is the most watched broadcast ever in that time slot.  If we look at the absolute numbers of viewers across the globe, things get more interesting, for example in Europe, the final got 11 million viewers and in Australia was 4.4 million viewers.
These numbers show that there is a huge market opportunity for bookies to promote tennis betting options to grow their monthly income.
However, most bookies tend to overlook tennis and do not consider the sport as a good source of revenue because they do not know how the different types of betting options and do not know how to manage those options in order to get the most profit.
Here are some recommendations for bookies that want to take advantage of tennis betting action.
The 20-cent line
The 20-cent line is the standard and most common type of bet on tennis, it may seem a little difficult to understand at first but what bookies need to keep in mind is that this is the most profitable betting option for the betting site.
In this type of bet, both tennis players odds are -110 and it will go up to -185, the line will go up when the odds for the favorite in the match increase.
Other types of lines
There are other types of betting lines on tennis that are more sought after by seasoned bettors who have experience betting on tennis and seek opportunities that are more beneficial to them. This is the 10-cent line and the graduated cent line. Bookies that don’t have much experience dealing with tennis betting action and just want to manage casual bettors should avoid this types of lines since the profit margin is very low and the risk of losing a lot of money is high.
Tennis can be a very lucrative sport for bookies; they just have to become familiar with the types of bets and bettors, in order to provide a great betting experience and generates income to the betting site. 
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