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Start Local and Take Over the World


Some people want to enter the gambling industry but do not know where to start, they feel confused about the best way to kick off the business. In fact, most of them do not make the jump to become a bookie because of their lack of players and poor knowledge on how to acquire them. 
Find your first players can be a complex task that is the reason why we recommend the following framework from local to global:
Local Kickoff
The secret to finding your first players is to look for them in your surroundings for example at work, at your favorite bar or even among the fathers of your son soccer team. Potential gamblers are everywhere; you just need to pay attention. The best part of finding bettors in your social circles is that you already know these people somehow and at some level, which makes easier for you to promote your betting site to them. In addition, the fact that there is some level of trust between you and these people increase the probability that they want to place a bet with you.
Find as many bettors as you can among your social circles or local area, during the process you will master your sales pitch and get more comfortable talking about gambling, and most importantly, you will build a solid base of loyal players.
Once you reach a point, where you feel there are no more people left, that can become your player then you can move to the next phase.
Go Global
The greatest features of owning a betting site are that you can have players from all over the world. After spending a few months working in your local area, making face-to-face contact with bettors, you can now move to hunt for global players. For example, Asian markets are becoming huge these days, but this means that you will have many competitors fighting for these markets and global players can be very disloyal, that is the reason why your local player’s base is so important because with them you have a money stream secure.
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