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Restrict the amount of money your players can bet on your site.


Nowadays to provide an excellent service and have a successful business, companies should be oriented and focus on the consumer, or in the case of bookies in the player, the player is the king and all the services and platforms of the bookie should be focused on satisfying all the needs of the player. Satisfying all the needs of the player does not mean obey to any whim that he has and doing everything he orders, a fundamental part of good customer service is to take care of the interests of the player so that they do not conflict with those of the bookie and the business.
For example, a typical case in which the bookies must take care of the interests of their players is when they reach their limit of allowed bets and request an extension of their limit to continue betting. The betting limits are designed so that there is a harmonious relationship between the bookie and the players since the players can not bet more than they can pay because if a player owes the bookie and does not pay the bookie must ban it from the betting site. Which is a bad situation for both, on the one hand, the bookie is losing a bettor and on the other, the bettor owes amounts of money that may not be able to pay in a long time.

To avoid this situation so damaging to bookies and gamblers, the Pay Per Head companies provide the bookies with the tools of betting limits and wagering limit alerts, which are designed so that the bookie has a complete control of the amounts that the players bet and the exact moment in which they reach their limit, so that in this way the bookie can take the corresponding measures.

Some bookies are afraid to use these tools because they believe that if they limit the activity of their players in this way they can scare them away, which is very far from reality since these tools are designed to protect customers.
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