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Is there Room for Me?


Some industries are ruthless, if you are not the first then is too late to enter to compete, you see examples of this every day, mostly in the tech business, take the case of Bitcon, if you didn't invest in cryptocurrency 10 years ago, now is a little bit late to enter the game. If your main goal is to make money from your investment quick, then you need to be the first to in step into a particular industry, because if you wait, in a matter of months the sector comes overcrowded with bad copies of the first business and they have to fight for a piece of the market niche.
But not everything is lost, there are some industries left where you can make a high return of investment and that has a huge market niche still to be explored, of course we are talking about the gambling industry. According to a study from Washington University, 4.2 billion people have gambled at least one time on their lives, with an average money loss of $60 per wager. And there is about 1.6 billion gamblers each year, if you build a betting site that attracts 0.1% of those people (I will let you do the math) the result is a huge potential market of gamblers, looking for betting options.
So even when there are many competitors and some well-established big names in the gambling industry, there is still room for bookies, as long as they have a good business structure that matches the industry standards. If you have a reliable pay per head partner, you don't have to worry about how small you think you are, the per head provider will make you look like you have a big business with years of experience in the industry. They will put the know-how they have been collecting for decades in the wager industry at your service, that's the reason why is so important to choose a per head company that has been around for several years.
Society will always need doctors, mechanics and bookies.
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