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How to protect your Casino from Smartass Players.


In all industries, there are always people who think they are too smart and believe that they can get more benefit using shortcuts and tricks. In the past, we have already addressed the issue in this blog of how some players think they are smarter than the house and use some techniques, in some cases even illegal, to try to hit the jackpot.

On this occasion, we present some of the most used cheats by online casino players and how bookies can protect themselves from them.

Sharks in a lake of goldfish
Betting sites and online casinos are entertainment sites, the more people are entertained with different betting options, the more the bookie will win. It is for this reason that the bookies have to be watching that all players who come to their betting site are for entertainment purposes since there are some astute who visit betting sites in order to take advantage of novice players. This usually occurs in poker rooms where very experienced players with great skill wait for a noob player to appear to take advantage of it and take all his money.
Bookies have to be vigilant to detect when these sharks appear on their betting site and remind them that the poker rooms of their betting site are for casual players and that he needs to find poker rooms according to his skill level somewhere else.

Card counting
This is a very old and well-known strategy in the brick and mortar casinos, where different mechanisms have been developed to detect if a player counts cards, and in some cases, the players have been banned from most of the casinos. In the case of virtual casinos it is not so easy to determine if a player is counting cards, what the bookies can do is to establish betting limits for each hand, for example, $ 20 or $ 30 per hand, this usually discourages the card counters.

Finally, the best way to be protected against any trick, swindle or hustle is to have the help of a good Pay Per Head provider, as these companies invest time and money in creating mechanisms and technologies to ensure that bookies do not fall victim of smartass players.

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