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How to measure the success of your bookie business?


Technological advances and the evolution of the way in which products and services are provided and acquired have radically changed the behavior of consumers. This also means that companies also have to rethink the way they measure and determine the success of their businesses.

In the case of bookies a few decades ago the success of their business was determined by the amount of money they could take away from their players, it is in this period that the bad image of the rough bookie that stripped all of its belongings to those that not pay him, was created.

Nowadays, the bookies that operate their businesses with the help of a Pay Per Head partner do not work in the same way and the success of their betting business is determined by the loyalty of their players.

To have a successful betting business bookies need players who bet regularly, ie, is not useful for a bookie that a player loses all his money in a single bet and may not be able to bet again. A healthy betting business is one in which there is a good monthly flow of money coming and going.

Forge and maintain the loyalty of the players should be the priority for all bookies that want to have a successful business. Technology can be a great ally for bookies to achieve this goal. For example, thanks to the reporting tool provided by the Pay Per Head partner, bookies have extensive and detailed information of their players that can use to know them more in-depth and create unique gaming experience for each bettor. Another way to generate greater loyalty from customers is through a VIP program where bookies reward loyal and recurring players.
A very common mistake is to measure the success of the business in terms of the income it generates, although it is extremely important to follow up on the income, these are not a good indicator of the success of the business, since it may be that the business is generating high revenue from players who bet only once and never return to the betting site, at some point this trend is going to end, and if the bookie does not have a good critical mass of loyal customers, the decrease in income will be very strong and can even get the bookie out of business.
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