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Digital Currency in the Wager Industry


We have mentioned that the wagering industry is one step ahead of all the other industries and those technological trends you hear in the news are easily adaptable to the business and often mean new ways to do more with less effort.

One trend that you may read and hear a lot is digital currency, especially Bitcoin and while you may think that the world is slowly adopting this kind of technology, the wagering industry have embraced it to the full.
Since 2014 there have been $4.5 billion wagers in Bitcoin, and their use keeps rising in popularity, as many people believe this a match made in heaven and that the digital currency is the perfect currency for online wagers. Among the benefits of using Bitcoin for gambling is it gives a more private experience for the player with quicker ways to fund accounts on betting sites, and for the bookies it allows on quicker ways to pay and reward players, without the annoying delays of the regular paying platforms. All this translates to a better customer experience that engages players to spend more time on the betting sites, as the money can come and go in almost real time.
The trend is not only to accept and use Bitcoin within your current betting site operation but also relate your domain name with the term Bitcoin, for example, the domain Bitcoin.casino sold for a record of $28,000 and the demand for gambling site domains like this keeps growing.
Chances are high that the digital currency becomes more and more used in the gambling industry in the future to come, so bookies should take a closer look at the technology and how they can incorporate the digital currency in their operations. Do a deep research and talk to your pay per head provider, since the good ones are already working with the implementation of digital currency and will offer you guidance in the process of becoming a digital currency bookie.
The digital currency offers a true online gambling experience and a vast range of benefits for all the actors involved in the industry.
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