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In this blog, we look to several sources to bring you the best lessons and tips to grow your bookie business. One of our favorite sources is Pop culture, especially movies and TV series, there’s a lot we can learn from these fiction products. Today we are going to give you some lessons directly from the land of Westeros, here are business tips from Game of Thrones for the Pay Per Head Bookies:
Allies, Family, and Friends
One of the recurrent topics of the series is about family and allies; you see all the houses taking big efforts to keep their family together and their allies’ loyalty to their cause since money, resources, weapons, and soldiers are the result of protecting this bonding and oath keeping.
In real life family and friends can be your best source of funding, staff and other resources you may need to start your bookie business. So protect your relationship with them, for example, if you need some cash to grow your bankroll for the Super Bowl, be honest with your potential allies and explain to them why you need the money, how you are going to use it and what are the potential wins and losses of this investment. If you get the funds keep your word about payment dates and if there is any delay explain it and offer some alternatives.
In case you don’t need support from your allies, is important to tell them what you are up to, how the business is performing and what long-term plan you have. This can lead them to offer you help without asking, this scenario is the best for you, as you would lead the negotiation.
Keep in mind that there is another important ally you have to choose, and is your Pay Per Head Provider, he is the one that will bring almost everything you need to jump in the battlefield of the betting business, meaning that you have to choose wisely and look for a price per head service that suits you and has the resources to conquer the market.
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