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Actionable Data to Growth your Bookie Business


The ability to collect, process and interpret information related to the business and customers has become the obsession of most companies in recent years. However, many believe that just getting the data will be enough to make changes and impressive improvements in the business, without stopping to think that the information that is collected must be actionable.
Actionable data are those that reveal details about processes or clients and that with the correct interpretation the business can take quick actions to take advantage of a trend or modify a process in order to obtain better results. The actionable data show the way to make better investments of resources which allow businesses to grow faster with a more efficient use of their available resources.
In the case of bookies that are associated with a good Pay Per Head provider, they have access to one of the best tools to collect detailed information about everything that happens in their betting business. We are talking about the report tool, but it's not enough to have it, but you have to know how to use it and take advantage of it, here is a recommendation so you can use the reporting tools in the best way:
Establish a routine
Bookies are very busy people and need to make efficient use of their time, so it is not advisable to spend a whole day reviewing all the reports you can get through the tools of the Pay Per Head provider, the best is that you establish a routine where you define moments of the day, week and month in which to review specific reports. For example, it is a good idea to check the Weekly Balanced Report every Monday, in this way you can see all the bets made by your players the previous week and most importantly you can know if you are making money or not. By doing this on Mondays, you can take corrective actions for the week that starts, in the event that the numbers were not positive the previous week.
Using and correctly interpreting the data in this report bookies can better distribute their resources for example by investing in marketing campaigns to attract more players if the numbers are red or otherwise not invest anything in the event that the numbers are very positive.

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