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A business tip from Andrew Carnegie.


In this blog, we usually share tips and teachings of the great entrepreneurs and millionaires of our time, mainly those related to the Internet and technology industry, since it is in this industry that where bookies work. But this time it's different and we want to share a concept raised by steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

As you know, Carnegie was one of the greatest steel entrepreneurs and becoming the second richest person in history in the 1900s. During his life, he wrote several books on business and although one might think that his theories would be outdated for our time, the truth is that there are a few that can be applied to the modern bookie business.

One of the theories that we believe can be applied perfectly to the betting industry is the one that starts with the phrase: Rigid castes are formed, and, as usual, mutual ignorance breeds mutual distrust.

This sentence of a passage from the book The Gospel of the Wealth, which raises is that as a business grows more and more, the connection between the employer and its employees becomes increasingly weak to the point that none of the parties know each other in detail, which generates a deep distrust between the two. To avoid this tension between the parties, Carnegie argues that employers must remain accessible to their employees and their customers.

In the bookie business, this tension between the parties is presented mainly between the bookies and their clients. Since there are bookies that come to depend so much on the automated services of their Pay Per Head provider that they do not take the time to get to know their clients and establish a close relationship with them. Although the Pay Per Head automated services are designed to facilitate bookie work and do not have to worry about tedious tasks. This does not mean that the bookie can be an absent figure that never deals directly with its customers.

Bookies that want to have a successful business must be accessible to their customers at any time and take the time to get to know them as much as they can. Since this is the way in which a long-lasting link is generated between the client and the bookie.

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