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New betting markets and some figures


For all those who still have doubts about creating a betting business, below we present the latest news of what is becoming the largest, most attractive and lucrative betting market in the world, we are talking about the USA.

Rhode Island
One month has passed since Rhode Island began accepting sports bets legally in its territory, during this period bets are reported for around $ 13,000,000. Rhode Island has only 2 establishments that accept bets each of these reported earnings of $ 835,000 and $ 123,000 respectively.
These numbers are quite good for only one month of operation in a state that has just a population of 1 million people.
This proves that even small states can have a very lucrative betting market and this also means that there is room for more bookies even in small towns.

New York
Sports betting will soon reach the big apple. The New York State Gaming Commission voted to approve the regulation of sports betting for four private casinos. Unfortunately, for now, mobile bets are still banned.
The regulation must spend a period of 60 days of public comments to be finalized and operators can start taking bets.

Given these scenarios, we see that the expansion of the betting industry in the USA is advancing much faster than expected and with much better results than projected by the analysts.
The opportunity for the new bookies is now since the population is eager to bet and in many cases are not waiting for their own states to legalize sports betting, situations have been reported where punters travel to neighboring states where they already have betting legislation to gamble.
Bookies that want to take advantage of the great opportunity that is presented must have a good Pay Per Head provider, which allows them to establish their betting business in less than 48 hours, with all the services and betting options that bettors seek and demand.
All projections of growth potential and profits that can be generated in the betting industry have been exceeded, so bookies that start their betting business today will be creating a business with untold potential.

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