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The technique of not betting to attract punters


Bookies that have been in the industry for a few years know that a common marketing technique to attract new customers is to offer welcome bonuses to hook gamblers. Usually, these welcome bonuses are subject to some restrictions such as for example that the bettor must make a minimum bet of $ 50 or $ 100 to apply the bonus.

It seems that the gamblers are no longer falling for the welcome bonuses as the restrictions discourage them and they feel cheated by the betting site. Due to this change on bettors behavior towards welcome bonus, many betting sites and online casinos are implementing a new technique to maintain the interest of the gamblers, it is the restrictions of No Bet or Low Bet for the use of bonuses. These restrictions allow bettors to receive bonuses without the need to place a bet; most bonuses are credited to the bettor's account when making their first deposit, this allows the bettors to use immediately their bonus.

To stay profitable, the No Bet or Low Bet bonuses are much lower than the typical welcome bonuses that bettors were accustomed to, but they are much more attractive since they can obtain and apply the bonus much more easily.

The bettors of today take their time when choosing which bookie to place their bets, they study all the variables and read the fine print, so it is no longer enough to offer a simple welcome bonus to attract the attention of the players.

Bettors are becoming increasingly demanding and have higher expectations. Bookies need to stay ahead and try to always innovate in their service offerings. The best way for a bookie to stay competitive is to have a good Pay Per Head provider since these companies are constantly working to provide their bookies with the best tools and platforms needed to run their business.

Bookies need to hear their customers in order to find out if their bonus are attractive to customers or instead the fine print of the bonus is scaring customers away. Nowadays all the details matter and bad bonus can break your betting business.

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