Agent Services

Are you sick of legal hassles? Tired or writing tickets and taking phone calls all day?

At ABC Islands Per Head, you will have less legal exposure, more free time, and still be able to
fully manage your players. When you sign up with ABC Per Head Services, you get the best sportsbook agent software
and a premium service that provides excellent customer service. We have a 3 way redundant phone service
(Satellite, Fiber Optic and VoIP) so your players will never have trouble getting through to our trained English
speaking representatives.


and find out why hundreds of agents have moved their business to ABC Islands Per Head Services.

You want your own website? ABC Islands Per Head Services allows you to customize every aspect of
your business. You can design your own website or we can provide one for you. You and your players will receive a
private, toll-free phone number. You, as the agent, have the ability to customize each player’s profile. This
includes wager limits, parlay payouts, teaser options, and many more individualized options for every player’s

With over 19 years of being in the industry, your players will be playing at a premium sportsbook
that offers Call Center services, rather than playing with a Call Center that is trying to be a bookie.

Risk Management

ABC Price Per Head is a division of ABC Islands Sportsbook and Casino, a company that has been
writing credit and post-up action for over 19 years. The head lines manager has over 29 years of experience moving
lines, tracking all types of betting patterns and the ability to recognize sharp players wagering activity. His
experience will help limit your exposure to “wise guy” play while maximizing your hold percentage.