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How to Be a Lean Bookie


Lean is a popular concept in nowadays' business, and it means to maximize customer value with fewer resources. The concept is quite popular among start-ups because they lack resources and capital, this pushes them to be creative and make the most out of what they have in hand.
The concept can be applied to the betting industry and bookies can become lean by doing the following:
Find the Purpose of the Product
You need to find your purpose as a bookie, for example, be the number one provider of prop bets or to be the best betting site for exotic sports, no matter which path you choose you must aim to offer something greater to your players than just to be a site where they can place bets.
Define and Refine the Process
You must define the steps of each process related to your business and keep reviewing them in order to find ways to improve and make the process simpler, is also a good idea to keep a written record of everything, in case something happens to you and someone else has to take care of the business, they can do the same way you did.
People and Partners
Once you have a purpose and a smooth process, you need to find people (staff and partners) that understand those two principals and that can work towards the same goals as you with a shared vision of where the business is going.
A key player that can help you build a lean bookie business are Pay Per Head providers, since they are going to be involved in all the operation of your betting site, you must select one that allows you to achieve the purpose you aim for and that has all the tools and processes you are looking for.
In fact, selecting a good Pay Per Head partner is what makes you a lean bookie since the amount of money and resources you need to invest is low and you get a whole package of services and products to serve your players.
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