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Do I Have to Give Free Bets to My Players?


At first, the concept of free bets may seem weird and even stupid, especially if you are new to the wager industry. Why on earth should I give money away for free? I became a pay per head bookie to make money, not to do charity, are some of the thoughts that cross your mind when you hear the term free bets.
But if you do some research you will find out that most of the betting sites offer free bets as a marketing strategy to attract new players. As we always mention, getting new blood and new dollars for your betting site is your top priority, so you have to consider using the free bet strategy for you bookie business.
It’s a Mind Job
For centuries, marketers have had the dream to enter the customer's mind to make them like certain product or brand, and the only industry that is close to achieving that kind of consumer manipulation is the gambling industry. The Free Bet strategy works directly to the brain by triggering key elements of engagement. First, nobody can resist the word Free, we all like free stuff and we are more than willing to receive anything that is free. When the player uses the free bet he enters the second stage of engagement where the adrenaline of gambling kicks in and he wants to keep playing.
Link the Free Bet to an Action
To take more advantage of the mental effect of the free bet, you have to link the use of the free bet to other actions within your site, for example, players can claim the free bet only if they fund their account or they have to place a bet of $50 to claim the free bet. Be creative and clever with the rules of the free bet, if there are lots of requirements and actions needed to use the free bet players will go away, and if it is too simple and without controls people will take advantage of your offer and you will be broke.
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