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Advanced Services with ABC Per Head


ABC Per Head is proud to present the best bookie business management system in the industry. Our pay per head software is designed to provide all the benefits and advantages your bookmaker operations is looking for, giving you the flexibility to optimize your profits and at the same time lowering the risk while the friendly user wagering software will be assisting you by tracking your players activity and generating the most accurate reports only the premium High – Tech software available in the pay per head industry can provide to your business.

Our price per head company is leading the pay per head Bookmaking Software and services for bookmakers and sportsbook agents, guaranteeing the most secure and 100% safe services in the industry, where the information will be completely protected by our friendly and convenient data center, specially designed for that purpose.

Benefits of our pay per Head Software

  • Easy and fast player account set up
  • Maximize your profits
  • Minimize your risk
  • The best customer service in the industry 24/7
  • The most competitive pay per head rates
  • Toll-Free 800 number available by 3 way redundant phone services (Satellite, fiber optics, and VoIP)
  • The most professional customer services representatives in the industry
  • 100% customized, safe, secure and convenient for your business
  • Run your own Independent Offshore Sportsbook with cutting edge technology

Advantages of our pay per head Software

  • Most accurate activities reports generating Software
  • Best tracking of players activity software in the market
  • Online Bet Ticker (see your players activity live online)
  • Friendly user

Best reports generator in the industry:

  • Daily and Weekly Balances
  • Players History
  • Agent History
  • Agents hold percentage
  • Real Time Wagers

Risk Management Software

  • Customize players limits, parlay payouts, and teaser options
  • Flexibility to open and close your player's account
  • Payment Adjustments
  • Personalized notes and messages to your players

Profiling options

  • Set specific wager limits on every single major sports event in the industry
  • Personalized amount of parlay teams and Payouts
  • Teaser options for your players
  • Customized wager rules per player or group of players

Other Advantages

Manage you risk and play safe

You will never lose track of your players’ daily activity with the most accurate reports from our software.

Total Control

With our advanced software, you will have total control over your exposure and be able to lower the risk of losing too much cash on a specific sports event.

Select only the services you need

Price per Head will provide you with a better advantage than others in the industry, with the most flexible software you can choose the type of wagers you will have available for your customers in every single sports event in the world and control which lines and types of bets you will provide to your clients.

Join our team of experts with over 18 years in the offshore betting industry and a reputation that is 2nd to none within the price per head industry.

Call our Toll Free Number now, 1-888-990-2387, visit our website www.abcperhead.com or send us an Email at [email protected] and find out why hundreds of agents have moved their business to ABC Per Head. Wait no more to have the best pay per head services in the industry. Sign up Now.


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