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Understanding the Potential of Tennis for the Bookie Business


As we mentioned on a previous post, Tennis is a great option for bookie sites looking to keep a constant cash flow, since the sport has action all year round, with an important match taking place every week and both female and male tennis are equally popular, which means you would have lots of betting options to offer to your players.
For the Pay Per Head Bookie interested in featuring this exciting and profitable sport in their betting site, here is a little walkthrough.
The Events
The ATP Tour for men and the WTP Tour for women are the most popular circuits, with about 66 different tournaments from January to November. As a pay per head bookie you want to cash all the tour, but have a closer look at the four Grand Slams tournaments (Australia, France, Wimbledon and the U.S Open) as these are the ones that get more media attention and more wager action.
Betting Types
There are several types of bets a bettor can place within a tennis match, let’s see the most popular ones:
Match Betting – Player to Win
Is the most simple and straightforward form of betting on tennis, the bettor must pick a player he thinks will win the match and wait for the result, that's it, if the player wins, the bettor wins the wager.
Handicap Sets
As you already know, a handicap is used to bring balance to a match that seems too one-sided. The goal is to make both sides of the match attractive to bettors. In the case of Tennis, the set handicap works by giving a set advantage to a player, for example, Federer at +1.5 sets and giving a set deficit to the other side, for example, Nadal at -1.5 sets. 
If Federer wins the match or doesn't lose by more than 1.5 sets, the bettor who places a wager in Federer's favor wins the wager. In case he bets for Nadal, the Spaniard has to win the match by over 1.5 sets and that's the only scenario where the bettor can win the wager.
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