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The Bookmaking Software you can Trust with ABC Per Head


ABC per head has created the perfect amount of products and services for bookies and sports agents to take advantage of the benefits that you receive immediately when choosing to be part of our company. Years of experience in the industry have shown, why hundreds of bookmakers trust the bookmaking software and business solutions that only a solid company in the market will provide.

Our state of the art software will provide you with daily and weekly reports, balances, player’s history, wager position; agents hold percentage, real-time wagers and much more. It is flexible enough to personalize your players’ accounts, while it minimizes the risk, with the ability to close and open accounts whenever you want, adjust the payment methods to your clients, you can also manage and set specific limits per sports or event and wagers like parlays and teasers, that only ABC Per Head can provide.

The technological advantages your business will receive, when you partner with a pay per head company, like ABC, will guarantee the success of your operations and the satisfaction of your players, thanks to the variety of sports betting options in sportsbook, casino, Racebook and much more. Our company provides the best bookie management and wagering software in the industry, which knows exactly what you need to be able to compete within the industry. You will have everything you need to succeed, be more profitable and increase your players’ satisfaction, besides you will have access to all the technological tools your operation needs. 

Our low pay per head rates will provide you with the opportunity to increase your clients base, give your players the customer service they need; with our professional and knowledgeable, 24/7clerks, promote your services online and give your players access to all the sports action they need on the tip of their fingers with your own website; design based on the needs of your markets and personalized and adapted to the needs of your environment and your players.

The success of your operations are only a call away, our experts will guide you every step of the way to make sure your business and your players have the tools, benefits, and advantages of a professional sportsbook, that will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Our company offers business solutions for big or small sports agents and bookies, providing a superior wagering software and tools.  Only ABC can offer the complete solution package your company and your players need. Don’t lose another player and join the leading company in the market, ABC Per Head.

Join our team of experts with over 18 years in the offshore betting industry and a reputation that is 2nd to none within the price per head industry.

Call our Toll Free Number now, 1-888-990-2387, visit our website www.abcperhead.com or send us an Email at [email protected] and find out why hundreds of agents have moved their business to ABC Per Head. Wait no more to have the best pay per head services in the industry. Sign up Now.


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