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Payout Options for Your Betting Site


You followed all the steps until this point, you set up a good name for your betting site, you did your homework and chose the best Pay per Head provider, and you got your first players placing bets with you, now is time to pay. 

As a pay per head bookie, you are going to be handling a large amount of money on a weekly basis, that’s why you need to know the different ways and platforms to collect and pay money to your players.
The response time when you receive a withdrawal request from one player is one of the aspects players value the most and also sportsbook review sites, if you don’t respond quickly and efficiently your reputation will decrease, and let’s face it, we all want our money fast, especially if that money comes from a lucky punch wager on the weekend sports.
There are several options bookies can offer to players to make deposits and receive funds, here are the most popular:
You may think this is too old school, but it has been one of the most popular and efficient ways to pay players for decades, in fact, most players are pretty comfortable getting a check each month from their bookies and large betting sites offer a free payout each month with this method.   
Bank Wires
This is one of the most secure and quick methods to move money because all the process is from bank to bank, but the problem is that it requires lots of information and putting together all the requirements can be a challenge, also there can be fees for each transaction that you have to cover.  
Electronic Payments
Services such as PayPal or Western Union fall in this category, they are quite secure and sometimes fast, but they have some issues, for example, with PayPal money is accredited to your virtual account first and you may need to do an extra process to transfer it to your real bank account.
Digital Currency
Bitcoins are the quickest and safest way to pay and collect from players; also there’s no need to transform them into dollars since there is a big market on the internet where you can use Bitcoins as a payment method.
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