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New Technological Era for Bookies


The new technology is providing bookies and sportsbook agents the necessary tools to bring their practices of using pen and paper, taking calls all day and making hand tickets to provide the products and services to their clients, to an end.

Pay per head companies are giving the technological advantage the bookies of the new era need to jump into the global wave so they can take the action of their clients like never before, with systems, products and services adapted to your needs, to satisfy your customers and guarantee the safe, secure and convenient environment you are looking for them, while you increase your profits and take your business to the next level in an efficient manner.

The industry, not only in the US but worldwide, is taking a great turn around into the technological era and many bookies and sportsbook agents are taking the advantages that only pay per head companies can provide to your business. Pay per head companies are the best option to jump across the new wave and bring to your operations, the support and assistance you need to change your old methods of taking your customers action and give them the technological platform to guarantee their satisfaction with really simple and basic set up processes.

Pay per head companies will assist you with the services you currently provide to your clients, the bookie or the agent sportsbook agent simply needs to direct all the customers to a website (provided by the pay per head company) or you can have your own and all the bets, stats and information can be monitored, tracked by the most sophisticated software; the state of the art software will give you the relevant information you need to make your own decisions, set up your customers’ accounts, customize their profiles, limits and give the betting options individualized for your player’s needs.

The systems you and your customers will have, is completely user friendly and easy to manage, you will be able to have all the control you need over your customers account while you are lowering the risk of your operations, thanks to the live information you will receive first hand from the live report, that will assist you to manage your business more efficiently, allowing yourself and your organization to grow, minimizing the risk of your operations and increasing your profits at the same time.

A company like ABC Per Head, with more than 18 years in business, will open the door for you and your business to grow exponentially, assisting you in every step of the process, while you provide the best products and services to your clients, guaranteeing the safe, secure and convenient services your clients need and giving the opportunity to grow your business in a global market where you will benefit and take advantages of new markets, providing the best products, services and technology that your current services need to be more competitive and satisfy your customer’s needs.

ABC Per Head is not only known for its premium service but for its outstanding prices. Our price per head fee structure is based on the number of active players and preferences you want for your clients. Getting started and sending funds is a quick and simple process.

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