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How to Use Sports TV Channels to Grow Your Bookie Business?


Many experts claim that TV is dying, on-demand services such as Netflix are killing the industry and the number of people that watch TV decreases every day. But there's still one reason why people turn their TV's... to watch a game. You can use this behavior to grow your bookie business; here is a quick guide on how you can take advantage of TV sports.
Build Your Betting Offer Around TV Listings
There are lots of games happening at the same time, but just a few made the cut to be broadcast on TV, as a pay per head bookie is important that you know the sports TV listings for the week on all the channels and spot which games are getting more media coverage, for example, the debut of a recently signed player or a long-time rivalry between two teams. The games that get more media coverage are very popular among casual players, knowing this you can plan ahead and feature those games on your betting site and even create special promotions and marketing campaigns around those games to attract new casual players.
You can also select which days to pay and collect based on TV listings, because if there is a big game coming you may want to hold and let some funds on your player's account to wager.
Using this strategy will also help you navigate the wide offer of sports and leagues you get through you pay per head provider, making the task of choosing which ones to feature on your betting site easier.
Promote Your Live Betting Options
The whole purpose of live betting is to place wagers as the games develop, that's why you players must watch the game, if you work your live betting options around TV listings then it's highly probable that you will get more action from players. In fact, players expect that the games that are going to be broadcast include live betting, so be prepared to meet your player's expectations.
If you are a bookie is a good idea to check the sports channel and TV listings every day, that way you will have fresh information to make a quick decision and changes on your betting site. 
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