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Get Noticed on the Internet and Attract Players to your Betting Site


The main goal of bookies is to have lots of players on their betting site because that means lots of money moving around each month and a bank account that grows by the minute. Thanks to the pay per head providers that’s possible, since the per head company will take care of most of the annoying buy key tasks of the business such as customer service, lines and odds management, etc. You can spend most of your time acquiring new players.
There are several ways to get new players to your site, some require money and expertise like marketing campaigns in the main digital channels like Google and Facebook, but if you are on a tight budget and are not quite tech savvy, there is an option that is almost free and is easy to do, but requires time and constant work. 
We are talking about link building, the easiest way to explain the term is: the more your betting site link appear in different places on the internet, the more popularity and authority it will gain, which can translate in more potential visitors.
The main tool you are going to use for link building is a search engine like Google, where you are going to look for the following places to show your link:
Question and Answer Boards
The most popular sites are Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Ask.com, but there are a lot more. In these boards look for people asking questions about gambling and provide them a good answer that includes a warm invitation to your betting site.
There are several forums focused on wager topics, create an account on them and interact with the users, always respect the forum rules and try to invite the users to your betting site.
Try to identify relevant blogs for your bookie business and contact the owners, ask if they can write a post about your betting site or if you can contribute to their content in exchange for exposure.
Link building requires dedication as you are going to spend several hours on the internet doing research, posting and emailing. But at the end it is a great technique to get noticed.
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