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Bookies Services at a Small Cost (0)

A few bookies feel that they earnings may minimize when they hire the services of a pay per head offshore company. The truth is very different by far; the fee charged by the pph company is just a small cost for the services provided and the amount of advantages the bookie receives when signing with it, among these benefits are the software that helps him to do his job easier, the clerks, and the freedom to make money completely safe.

Paying a few bucks for an offshore service will give the bookie and his player's access to other features available, not just sports wagering, but also getting the chance to play at the casino gambling and the poker rooms. Having these options open for the players will give the bookie some extra money thanks to the rake, a percentage gained on each pot for providing the tables where the action is being held. The bookie will receive his cut of the main dessert.

Let's be clear, if you are a bookie and hire an offshore pph service, you can rest assure knowing with security and confidence that your clients are going to be attended with care and professionalism while you have more free time and win lots of money in the process; its a not so far option and for a very low price. It's a good offer for the lots of benefits that you would get. Add the opportunity for your clients to play at any time; with the clerks always at the order to receive and solve any need they may require.

Having the customers getting their action any time they want, will make your business highly profitable in less time. You will receive not only the amount of "juice" that you deserve, but also some extra cash from commissions that come from the other gaming sources offered by the bookie service; think of the convenience for you and your players, especially if you have many clients in your book.

Imagine you have 50 players that are constant and active, if the cost for every one is $14 per head, you will pay $700 to the pph each week. Let's say a local bookie has three phone operators making $20 per hour, and they cover the phone about 3 hours a day by week and 16 hours on weekends, by the end of the week the payroll will be close to $1860. With an offshore pph service he will be saving like $1160 by week. Isn't that small cost totally worthy? Think about it!

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